Force Fit for Schools

Creating healthy minds and healthy bodies


ForceFit for schools, is a mindset and resilience strengthening program.

The ForceFit program is delivered in an informative and physical context. The program is adaptable to incorporate your school’s specific core values. We can also collaborate and tailor a specific program for an intended outcome that your school has identified.

The program is pragmatic in its delivery and caters for, and has proven to be effective with a lower socio-economic cohort and behaviour challenged students.

The initial program was developed when founder Ben Lucas was approached by a local primary school to work with the years 5 & 6. The school decided a program working with their resilience levels would be ideal.

Ben was an obvious choice due to  his experience in the Australian Army, Personal Training and running of local Bootcamps. Ben is active in working with people of all ages to assist them to realize their potential. He is a well known identity around the area.

Primary School Training


Our core values, morals and ethics are the lynchpin of an individual’s life.

This program focuses on enhancing cognitive development during the concrete operational and formal operational stages of the student which will leave a lasting impression on the individual for years to come.

Resilience, respect, teamwork, initiative and courage are all core values of the Australian Army, our business and of our instructors. This program aims to teach and demonstrate all of these qualities in theory first and then as a physical outcome.

The program does not just stop at a set of ideals.

These ideals are a lifestyle. The most common cause of death in Australia is from chronic diseases, which are mostly preventable.

We aim to educate the students on the necessity to exercise and consume a balanced diet.


The outcome of this program is to arm students with lifelong lessons. These lessons can enhance quality of life for themselves and those around them. The fact is that as a nation we are the most obese per capita in the world. Our rate of chronic disease is of epic proportion and we need intervention at an early age to set up healthy habits and wise decision making.

In a 10-week period students WILL walk away knowing a basic guide to healthy eating, minimum daily exercise requirements and be more mentally resilient to cope with adversity than ever before.

“The students finished the program with Ben after 10 weeks. I can confidently say the students re entered the classroom after each session with a sense of achievement and exposure to leadership. The students gain a broader knowledge of healthy decisions relating to exercise, nutrition or both. Additionally, my more challenging students appeared composed and their newly learnt coping strategies were applied”

  • Jake Harper (Grade 6, Drouin Primary School)

The most impressive physical evidence gathered was – every student improved on initial beep test results in 10 weeks.

Most people would know that 1 half hour session once a week cannot improve physical performance to this degree. This showed that resilience, drive and determination had been dramatically increased by the ForceFit Schools program.

We strive to instill lessons that will last a lifetime- easing the burden of health and improving quality of life, whilst having fun doing it!


Ben (Benny Lucas) is a Drouin native with 7 years’ experience in the Australian Army as an Infantry Soldier specialising in Reconnaissance.

Benny was Qualified as a Combat Fitness Leader (PT) at the age of 19 and was exposed to writing and implementing the physical training program as part of a small team for an entire battalion of 200 plus soldiers.

Many experiences Benny faced in the Army have solidified the attitude of “Adapt & Overcome”. Anything is possible when you set your mind to it!



Currently we are exploring Government grants so that we can really embed these healthy lifestyle goals into many school’s over the state (and further!).

Grant applications are currently in process however cannot be guaranteed.

Of course, if this pathway does indeed open the cost would be minimal (if at all) for your school. Until this is arranged, conversation around the ForceFit prgram’s costs can be settled in the early stages of our planning.


We’d also like to guide your attention to the Sport in School’s grant that is available for schools to apply for as another avenue of access to the Forecefit program.


We thank you for taking the time to explore our idea – we hope we get the opportunity to make a genuine difference with the children in their educational journey with you

“To Survive and Thrive we all need to Adapt and Overcome Obstacles in our life”

Instances of Ben’s ability to Adapt and Overcome in his own life are:

  • Joining the Army and completing basic and Infantry training at the age of 18.
  • Completing Infantry Reconnaissance course, highly regarded as a tough course to complete.
  • 40km 20kg pack march from Federation Square to Sassafras raising $11,000 for the local RSL in 2015.
  • 12th in Australia at the Spartan sprint obstacle course Bright in 2015.
  • Raising four girls.
  • Playing senior football, coaching under 18’s and President of the local football club at age 32.
  • Completed first full time semester of University (Sport, Outdoor & Physical Education) whilst running a business and raising a family.
  • Completing first full marathon with no lead up training to test own personal limits (Yes, it hurt!)

In all of these instances Ben was told this was not possible. But with the right mindset, the right attitude and the ability to work hard and overcome obstacles – Anything is possible!

So, who better to create and implement this program? All instructors are ex Australian defence force members with similar experiences and the same positive attitude.